An action/bullethell /arcade where you have to move a planet or fly with a jetpack only with 2 buttons.

Your name is henry and you get stranded after your ship exploded, now you need to travel 10 planets to return home.

You can play in Spanish and English.

and if you finish the game you will have a reward.

Tu nombre es henry y quedaste varado después de que tu nave explotara, ahora nescesitas recorrer 10 planetas para regresar a casa.

puedes jugar en español e ingles.

y si terminas el juego tendrás una recompensa.


Stranded Jumper Linux32.rar 74 MB
Stranded Jumper Linux64.rar 71 MB
Stranded Jumper Win64.rar 70 MB
Stranded Jumper Win32.rar 67 MB
StrandedJumper V1.0.rar 10 MB

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Very nice concept. I specially liked the art and music. I wish you could fast-forward faster in the cinematics

Dude! That's really impressive, considering how much work you put just into the story mode alone! And the gameplay is fun, too. One think I would love to see (considering how often I died) would be a "try again" shortcut on the gameover screen so that one does not have to go all the way through the main menu!

Thanks for creating and sharing!


thanks chris, That is a very good idea, I will update it to make it more accessible for everyone :)